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Dog Collar . colourful Maasai beaded . leather, brass and beads .

$30.00 USD


A beautiful collar for your beloved pet. Available in 5 sizes.

Every collar is unique! One of our maasai beaders designed the patterns on this collar for you. 

Our beadwork is made by the skillful hands of Maasai women. The Maasai culture is renowned for their handmade beaded jewellery. 

Hadithi Crafts have trained 6 Maasai groups on quality and design for years, and our dog collars are now one of our most popular quality products! 

Materials  leather, glass Czech beads,  brass

Size X-Small to X-Large.

X-Small 25cm.    2 cm width, total length of leather 35 cm

Small 33 cm.    2cm width, total length of leather 43 cm 

Medium 40 cm.   2.5cm width, total length of leather 55 cm 

Large 50 cm.   3cm width, total length of leather 65 cm 

X-Large 58 cm.    3cm width, total length of leather 70 cm


Read the stories behind the ladies and how the beading is done.


By purchasing one of our pieces of beadwork you support:

❥ A woman in a remote, dry rural part of south-east Kenya where there are very few ways to make a living. Beading means a vital income for her (and for all the 1500 women in the women groups that Hadithi now supports). The money goes a long way, especially in the dry season, when food gets scarce. Beading provides her with some financial stability, money to pay school fees and buy food.

​❥ The conservation of a threatened forest and it's wildlife. When harvests fail, people turn to other ways to provide an income for the family. It is not uncommon in Tsavo that people turn to cutting trees to turn them into charcoal, or poaching wildlife in the area. An income for beading is the alternative we can offer.

❥ And of course, to keep the beautiful ancient tradition of Maasai beading part of the present and the future!