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The Carbon Story


Every shipment has a carbon footprint. We offset it

Sending our crafts around the world, means that we emit our share of carbon emissions. 
Hadithi Line have chosen to ship with DHL, who have strong principles and targets to reduce emissions and to mitigate climate change where possible. Whichever way we ship, we have unavoidable carbon footprint. So we offset it.

 ❥  We simply can't not offset our carbon footprint, as sustainability is one of our core values!

❥  We experience the positive effects that carbon offsetting can have, first-hand and daily. This is because of our unique set-up, as a proud part of Wildlife Works - a conservation organisation who generate carbon credits by protecting the forest in our home area in Tsavo. 

Wildlife Works have hosted, supported and empowered Hadithi crafts support CBO from day one in 2014. Our CBO is an independent entity, nested tightly in the ethos of Wildlife Works. 

The livelihood we create from handicrafts has a positive effect on Wildlife Works’ conservation programme as it assists to mitigate human-wildlife conflict for the community and ultimately to protect the Kasigau forest. Teamwork! 

We purchase our Wildlife Works carbon credits officially through Nula Carbon, (check out their great storytelling at, because we love how they explain the complex matter of carbon credits in a clear and lucid style.


Carbon credits to create sustainable change  

Wildlife Works’ conservation area, founded in 1997, covers over 500,000 acres of dryland forest in Tsavo, supports over 118,000 community members and protects over 2000 elephants that live within the area. Wildlife Works fund their work through the creation and sale of carbon offsets that stop deforestation.

Wildlife Works’ conservation strategy involves creating jobs and social programs for the forest communities. These alternative sources of income (which Hadithi Line contributes to) help to mitigate human-wildlife conflict and tackle the drivers of deforestation and degradation. This means the communities are supported to protect their local forest. 


Carbon credits that stop deforestation

Deforestation is one of main drivers of climate change. Deforestation contributes to 14.5% of annual global emissions, which is alarming when nature is one of the most important solutions we have in our climate action toolbox. 

It is vital to protect threatened forests, to allow the trees to sequester carbon and mitigate climate change.

Each offset credit that is created from stopping deforestation is equivalent to one ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) being prevented from entering the atmosphere.  


Carbon credits that empower community

The carbon credit income has an impact to our community to a big extent. Waterpans are constructed, trees planted, schools built and equipped, and livelihoods created. A future built

“This is not charity. Carbon money helps us meet basic needs and improve our lifestyle. The money is earned through conservation activities that afford us the ability to protect our environment." Paul Kizaka, village elder and the former Chief of Kasigau