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In the South East of Kenya, villages are scattered around the few hills in the dry land of Tsavo.

A group of artisans sit under a huge baobab tree, chatting and laughing. On a closer look you see piles of colourful sisal fibre and sisal baskets, and you see their busy skillfull hands tending to a craft that has been handed down through generations.
This is the art of weaving and the source of our passion and inspiration. These ladies will take weeks to finish one, unique, basket.

Made by hand each basket bears the fingerprints of the person who made it. We strive for beauty and individuality in each product. Quality and variety weave the thread through all our collections. Every basket is different, and presenting all these single pieces celebrates the skills and unicity of the basket weavers art. 

The neighbours of these artisans, are the iconic kenyan wildlife in the vast open areas of Tsavo National Park. 22 000 square kilometers of beautiful scenery and wildlife like elephants and lions and giraffes. The land is part of what used to be called the Taru desert … it’s that dry. Scarce in water and rainfall, this Tsavo semi-desert is not great for farming. Nevertheless lots of people live there. It’s a place where rural women don’t have many opportunities at all… They often have a big family to take care of and there are very few job opportunities around (unfortunately, even fewer for women!). It’s a farming community, but harvests often fail because of lack of rain…

By selling crafts the women can earn money and keep up their household and farming activities as well… Most if not all the money that ladies receive goes straight to education, health and nutrition for the entire family. The ladies making handicrafts get the practice that leads to skills, satisfaction that leads to self-esteem and encouragement that leads to initiative. A feel of a future…