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Clutch bag – an impact story



Did you know? The impact of a Hadithi Clutch bag.

Our Hadithi clutch bag is a beautiful piece. But there's more than meets the eye... Here's the story.

The Hadithi Clutch is crafted through the joint effort of as many as six artisans living in a rural area in Kenya between the Tsavo East and and Tsavo West national parks. A weaving artisan, a beading artisan, a leather tanner, a leather craftsman, a brass craftsman and a sewing machinist of Buguta Disabled group all collaborate to make this high impact product.

Together, they spend on average 37 hours of work on this clutch bag. The bulk of the hours is spent on weaving the body of the clutch from sisal. The art of weaving is a tradition passed down through generations of Taita weavers in Tsavo. A lot of preparation work goes ahead of the weaving, like dyeing and twining, which makes it so labour intensive. In our natural collection, colors are sourced from soil, leaves, and tree bark, maintaining centuries-old techniques – 100% natural and organic. For brighter hues, modern dyes are used in our Hadithi dye centre, adhering to environmental and social guidelines, offering a new realm of creativity for traditional artisans.

Once the creatively patterned disc is complete, the Hadithi team takes the disc and the beaded strap to the Buguta Disabled Group for the sewing and finishing leatherwork.

Established in 2011, the Buguta Disabled Group comprises 15 talented individuals who keep overcoming their challenges and showcasing their skills. Hadithi, meaning 'a story' in Kiswahili, brings you handicrafts with a unique narrative from Tsavo, Kenya. Discover a world of impact, artistry and heritage in every piece.

See the amazing process in this video. 


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