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The photography

We want to say a huge thank you to all the photographers who let us share their beautiful photos capturing the vibrant culture and illustrating the colourful story telling from Tsavo.

 All photos used on our website are shot by us or by people visiting the area. If you like the photos on our website, it's thanks to this handful people that do have the eye for the photo and the love for the weavers.



Lindi Campbell-Clause – Pin design - graphic designer kenya 

Alice Maturin-Baird – slow fashion and digital marketing UK/spain

Nathalie Le Blanc - Journalist Belgium

Roel craen – Freelance Graphicus Belgium

Phoebe Montague – photographer and storyteller worldwide @soulfocus_media

Fionn McCann – photographer Ireland

Reed Davies - photographer

Lynn Von hagen - elephant researcher  

Huge thank you to the Bigstyle mediahouse for making the amazing video telling Gladys Malemba’s story.

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