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M . basket . sisal . fineweave . colourful . one-of-a-kind . 114

$45.00 USD

M - 23 x 23 cm

M . basket . sisal . fineweave . one-of-a-kind . a colourful touch for your home .

This unique basket is handmade by a woman in Tsavo out of the fibre of a homegrown sisal plant. It is entirely her own design, telling her story through the intricate patterns and colours she has chosen to weave.

She first dyes, dries and twines her sisal fibres by hand, following traditional techniques passed on by generations of Taita women. She can then start weaving the basket from her different coloured twines. It sure is a laborious process, which you can read all about in our stories.

The dyes she used are a combination of natural dyes from local trees, plants and soil and the bright fabric dye colours, opening a whole refreshing window of creativity for the weaver to enjoy.

Read the stories behind the ladies and how the basketweaving is done.


By purchasing one of our baskets you support:

❥ A woman in a remote, dry rural part of south-east Kenya where there are very few ways to make a living. Basket weaving means a vital income for her (and for all the 1500 women in the women groups that Hadithi now supports). The money goes a long way, especially in the dry season, when she as a farmer often fails to produce enough harvest to even meet her family's basic needs. Basket weaving provides her with some financial stability, money to pay school fees and buy food.

❥ The conservation of a threatened forest and its wildlife. When harvests fail, people turn to other ways to provide an income for the family. It is not uncommon in Tsavo that people turn to cutting trees to turn them into charcoal, or poaching wildlife in the area. An income for basket weaving is the alternative we can offer.

❥ And of course, to keep the beautiful ancient local tradition of basketweaving part of the present and the future!