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Fineweave clutch bag with strap - colourful collection

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This clutch bag is a work of art. On top of that, this clutch bag embodies durability, sustainability, creativity and collaboration.
Indulge in the intricate details of this fine weave masterpiece, with a weaving density ranging between 80-120 knots per inch. The captivating patterns reflects the skill and dedication of our artisans.
All the white, beige and brown colours in collection are obtained with soil, leaves and tree bark, with techniques passed from generation to generation. The bright colour is obtained with modern dyes, opening another window of creativity for the artisans.

The creation of each clutch involves a collaborative effort among four artisans. The skilled weaver crafts the finely woven disc with traditional patterns and techniques. This weaving is a traditional skill passed on from generation to generation of Taita weavers. Once the disc is ready, the Hadithi team takes it to Buguta Disabled group for the next steps...
The Buguta Disabled Group, founded in 2011, is a collective of 15 talented individuals who have overcome challenges and can proudly showcase their skills. Nestled in a workshop in the heart of Tsavo, Kenya, these artisans work tirelessly sewing all kinds of crafts with their pedal sewing machines.

One artisan in Buguta meticulously stitches the lining. Another artisan who has mastered the leatherwork, folds it and assembles the zipper with the leather, turning it into this  little masterpiece. Alongside, the Maasai artisan does the beadwork on leather, that also gets finished and assembled with brass by the leather artisans.

Hadithi means 'a story' in kiswahili language. Handicrafts with a story, from Tsavo, Kenya.