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Palmweave shopper

$48.00 USD


Made by hand by our artisans in south-eastern Kenya from a local palm called Magangachi, following traditional weaving techniques.

There are a few steps in this labour intensive process. First all the leaves are split in narrow strips. These are braided into a long wide strap. This strap is then made into a basket by coiling up the strap from the middle of the bottom of the basket, and sewn down with sisal string to itself as it gets coiled up.
The result is a very light and very strong basket made from local palm leaf, perfect for market shopping, or storing things at home.

The Colourful patterned baskets are woven with the natural colour variants of the material, and patterned with strips of coloured palm, dyed with modern dyes.

The Plain basket will not use any commercial dyes, but will still have the natural variety of colours the natural material can show. There are natural shades of yellow green grey and beige to look out for. 
Then the basket is finished by our leather craftsmen in Buguta disabled group, with round short handles made of locally and naturally tanned goat leather.

Hadithi means 'a story' in kiswahili language. Handicrafts with a story, from Tsavo, Kenya.