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Fineweave basket - Traditional collection

$15.00 USD


This collection holds true to all Taita Traditions.

Every basket in this collection is unique. Choose your size and colourscheme, and leave the rest to the creative minds of our weavers. This traditional collection shows the most traditional Taita patterns. Every basket is a true piece of art! 100% organic, dyed with with natural dye, using soil or the bark of a trees. 

Embrace the rich tradition of basket weaving as our talented artisans explore their creative freedom to tell their own captivating basket stories. From rolling their own sisal twine to weaving every intricate detail, each basket is a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication of the artisans head and heart.

To add a personal touch, the weaver sews a cardboard piece with her name, ensuring a connection between you and the artisan behind your basket. Additionally, our Hadithi team prints and includes a photo of the weaver, allowing you to appreciate the person behind the art.

Every basket is unique so the sizes can vary slightly!


Order our baskets per Colourgroup and Size - each basket will be unique in pattern. If you want your own patterns or repeated patterns, reach out to us for a custom made order and we can make them especially for you for a MOQ 50pc.

XX-Small 3x3 inch

X-Small  5x5 inch

Small  7x7 inch

Medium  9x9 inch

Large  11x11 inch

Hadithi means 'a story' in kiswahili language. Handicrafts with a story, from Tsavo, Kenya.