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Pendant fineweave - natural collection

$80.00 USD

Traditional (black brown beige and/or white)

Elegant lampshade made of a handmade fineweave sisal basket and a wooden plug. These pendants are the result of a collaboration between the creative minds from Seedling Designs and the talented female artisans from Hadithi Crafts. Seedling Designs use natural materials in functional objects to bring a unique atmosphere into your home.
The baskets used for these pendants are 100% organic and natural. The basket weaver uses only organic sisal and natural dyes from local trees, plants and soil, to achieve the beautiful variety of earthy colours.

Every basket is made with a traditional Taita patterns & techniques, and is the weavers own unique design. Each of our baskets comes with the name and photo of the craftswoman who made it. Handmade by female artisans in Tsavo, rural Kenya.

Hadithi means 'a story' in kiswahili language. Handicrafts with a story, from Tsavo, Kenya.